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Define your Vision
  • Digital strategy development
  • Awareness generation & brand activations
  • CRM, content planning
Design that adapts to all devices.
  • Website design & development & maintenance
  • UX & CRO reco’s & CMS implementation
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
Personalized Communications
  • Email design, development & deployment
  • Campaign and brand activation
  • CRM & Marketing Automation

Digital Strategy

Define your digital strategy to reach new customers.

Having an effective digital strategy for your business is often times what differentiates the average businesses from the really great ones. It helps clearly define where your digital marketing is currently, and where you need to be in the future, providing direction, goals and focus for your brand. With a digital strategy focused on optimization, you can easily track and measure your success, to ensure you’re delivering results and truly set you apart from your competitors.

Our digital strategy services include the following competencies:

  • Website usability, UX (User Experience) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) recommendations
  • Digital Strategy consultation and plan development
  • Brand and campaign activation plans
  • Editorial and content planning
  • SEM & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Get Found Online

Consumers rely on search engines to help them find all kinds of information. They use search terms on Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Google Maps to research product reviews, find your business contact info, location and even look up your competitors. So it’s important to ensure your business ranks high in search engines, when your consumers are looking for related information.

Lindspire will help ensure your business gets found and appears in search results by ensuring both the content and code used to develop your website is optimized for search engines (this is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization). With every website we develop or optimize; we can help generate more awareness for your brand through powerful search results which in turns drives more traffic to your website so you can focus on building your business.


Rank high in search results pages, so your business gets found every time your consumers search for you or related terms.


Make sure your business gets found and appears in Google Maps or location based searches, so you can attract local customers.

Campaign Management

Email can be a great way to engage with your customers and building cohesive communication campaigns is a surefire way to create brand loyalty. Lindspire can help build beautiful email’s that display on both desktop and mobile devices so your customers can open and view them easily while on the go. We build and grow your customer database so you can easily segment and target your communications, and we’ll help with everything from testing and deployment through to optimization.

Let us help you take your brand communications to the next level through services like:

  • Email design, development & deployment
  • Email segmentation, targeting and optimization
  • Campaign and promotional activation
  • CRM (Consumer Relationship Marketing) platform integration and management
  • Marketing automation and drip campaigns

Web / Design

Design that adapts to all devices.

The first experience your customer will likely have with your brand, will happen online. This is the also the first opportunity you have to make an impression, and first impressions mean everything. We’ll ensure to build and enhance your brand’s website so it’s easy to use and viewable on all desktop, mobile and tablet devices. No matter how your customers choose to view your brand’s content, let us help you ensure it’s a seamless experience for them.

Web design and development services focused on:

  • Fully responsive web design and development
  • Optimization of existing web assets and properties
  • Ongoing web hosting maintenance
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • Content Management System (CMS), implementation and management
  • SEO (search engine optimization)

Marketing Automation

Take your marketing to the next level and reach your business goals faster. With marketing automation, Lindspire can help your business engage with its customers through multiple online channels (email, social, media, websites etc), while automating repetitive tasks to streamline, scale and increase effectiveness of your campaigns.

Utilizing technology to collect data on how your consumers or customers engage with your communication touch points, you’re able to create highly relevant and personalized brand experiences, based on their visitor or buyer behaviour . For example, if a customer makes a purchase on your website, or through your in-store POS system, use their email address to send them a follow-up email with purchase details and recommendations on other related products. Did they open, click-through and visit your website without making a purchase? Send a follow-up email a few days later with content related to where they visited on your website. Marketing automation can help automate these tasks, without loosing the authenticity of your brand, but continuing to drive results.

The possibilities are endless with marketing automation and setup is quick and easy. We can work with you on integration with your existing CRM platform or build everything from the ground up. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.


Engage with your audience through data driven marketing to provide highly targeted, personalized and relevant messaging.


Easily track prospects, leads, opportunities and customer conversion through your sales funnel to provide the right messaging at the right time.


Nurture your customer relationships through integrated content campaigns that drive continued purchases with your business.


Get in touch with us to find out how we can help build an experience for your brand.

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