Speak Easy Intensive

Talk Boutique holds an annual exclusive retreat for leaders, at the beautiful BANFF centre for arts and creativity – focussed on helping attendees go from idea to ready to deliver presentation in 4 days.

The site was revamped in 2019, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the experience, provide more knowledge about the event submit an online application form (only a small amount of applicants are selected to attend to ensure quality and specially curated attendees).

A chat experience was also implemented, enabling visitors to connect directly with an SEI team professional to answer any immediate questions.

Revamp the existing site to increase conversion.

Scroll tracking was implemented, showing 96% of visitors scroll to the bottom of each page. On-going edits were made throughout promotion of the event to help increase onsite conversions – resulting in engagement rate improvements throughout each page. Though site bounce rates continued to the increase throughout promotion, average time on site also continued to rise (showing continued engagement as marketing collateral was in-market).

Client: Talk Boutique
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